Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design Donates Protective Materials to Qilu University of Technology (Shan Dong Academy of Sciences)


    After sending a video of condolences to the teachers and students of QLUT (SDAS), Mr. Ivan Gryshchenko, the president of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design and the deputy director of the joint management committee of Kiev Academy in QLUT (SDAS), also actively urgently purchase 10,000 masks and 5 sets of protective clothing from Ukraine to support the epidemic prevention and control of QLUT (SDAS). The donation witnessed the profound friendship between the two universities, and also demonstrated the sincere sentiment between Ukraine and China。  

    In order to ensure that the protective materials arrived at Our university smoothly, Alexei Vorianik, the head of the Ukrainian side of the Kiev Academy, personally transported the materials by plane. On February 12, these protective materials were in charge at the university's Beijing office and the Kiev Academy. With the joint efforts of comrades, the successful transfer of the Changqing campus has greatly eased the tension of protective materials in QLUT (SDAS)。

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