Delegation from the North Hessen University of Applied Sciences in Germany Visited Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)


Delegation from the North Hessen University of Applied Sciences in Germany Visited Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)

On May 16th, our Chinese-German cooperation project partner-Professor Andreas Blindow, Chairman of the North Hessian University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Professor Michaela Zilling, President of the University, and Professor Michael Namokel, Vice President, visited Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)。 The President (Dean) Chen Jiachuan met with the delegation and held working meetings with two sides。 The heads of the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office attended this meeting。 During the visit, the Sino-German Joint Management Committee held an enlarged meeting to deep discuss the project's operation, management, education and teaching, and future planning。

Chen Jiachuan extended a warm welcome to the delegation of the North Hessen University of Applied Sciences, and briefly introduced the basic situation and development plan of the integration of science and education between Qilu University of Technology (SDAS), and gave the cooperation projects between the two universitiesaffirmative praise。 He pointed out that the cooperation project is the first international cooperation undergraduate education project of our two schools。 Since the enrollment in 2014, more than 300 students have participated in the cooperation project。 Those students have solid foundation, high professional quality and international perspective。 It is hoped that the two universities will cooperate closely to encourage more students to go abroad for further study and provide talent support for the development of the two universities and even two countries。 He emphasized that Germany is an important country under the framework of China's “Belt and Road Initiative”。 Both China and Germany are major manufacturing countries。 The mechanical design, manufacturing and automation of the two universities are definitely fited with the docking point of “Made in China 2025” and “German Industry 4。0 Program”。 He hope the two universities will work together to contribute to the common development of leaps and bounds by building a platform for industrial cooperation between the two countries and building consensus。 Finally, Chen Jiachuan put forward several specific opinions and suggestions on the future cooperation between the two universities, and wished the two universities to achieve more fruitful cooperation。

 Michaela Zilling fully affirmed the achievements of both sides, and paid great appreciate to Qilu University of Technology for giving support and care to the German teachers who came to teach at the school, and praised the students trained by the two sides. She pointed out that the North Hessen University of Applied Sciences has consistently attached the importance of cultivating applied talents by adopting a comprehensive teaching method, and adopting small class teaching in theoretical courses and experiments to fully guarantee the quality of teaching. She emphasized that the university and the local government attached great importance to the learning life of Chinese students and helped them adapt to the environment and integrate into the local society through various activities.

  The heads of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and members of the delegation discussed how to improve the teaching quality of the Sino-German cooperation, and made an agreement in curriculum, teaching plans, and teacher exchanges。

  The two sides unanimously stated that they would continue to maintain a win-win cooperation and actively promoted the in-depth cooperation between the two universities in other fields, such as mutual visits of teachers and researchers, postgraduate professional cooperation, scientific research cooperation, and joint construction of laboratories; It is necessary to pay attention to summing up and improving, based on cooperative school project to promote the construction of high-level universities in applied schools.

 After the talking, the two sides reached an agreement on the cooperation plan and agreement of next phase, and held a new signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement.

 After the meeting, the delegation of the North Hessen University of Applied Sciences visited some students from the Sino-German class and answered some questions about the students' further study, life, employment, and future development in Germany。 The students were greatly encouraged and expressed their desire to study harder and strive for better development in the future。

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