Chen Jiachuan Pay a Visit with Prof. Zhu Jiankang, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences


Chen Jiachuan Pay a Visit with Prof。 Zhu Jiankang, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences


On the morning of May 24th, Prof. Zhu Jiankang ,a member of the National Academy of Sciences , went to our school for an exchange visit together with his four colleagues. The President (Dean) Chen Jiachuan and the Vice President (Deputy Dean) Ren Min performed a exchange discussion in the conference Room 356 of the Office Building with the guests, involved in the Personnel Department, the Science and Technology Department, the head of the Graduate School and some scientific research backbones of the School of Bioengineering. The symposium was held by Ren Min.

Chen Jiachuan extended a warm welcome to the academician of Zhu Jiankang, and highly affirmed the his outstanding achievements of the academician in the basic research of plant molecular biology, and introduced the development of school, including school’s research, teaching, discipline construction, talent team training, etc. He particularly mentioned the academic research of Zhu Jiankang in the field of plant molecular biology, which has many commonalities with the research of the State Key Laboratory of Bio-based Materials and Green Paper, and expressed the hope that the two sides could strengthen exchanges and cooperation in order to gain more achievements in basic research and applied basic research of bio-based materials.

Academician Zhu Jiankang firstly expressed his gratitude to President Chen Jiachuan (President) and Vice President Ren Min (Deputy Dean) for their interviews, and introduced the development of the Shanghai Plant Stress Biology Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and construction of “Gene Editing Research Center” co-constructed with the Ji’nan Municipal People's Government. He said that Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) has been at a relatively high level in domestic research in the aspect of pulp and paper, bioengineering, etc. It is hoped that both sides would be able to strengthen learning exchanges and cooperation extensively and in depth, with the help of the Gene Editing Research Center of Jinan Municipal People's Government in order to share of advantageous resources and realize further accelerates the transformation of results.

In the meeting, Liu Xinli, the Executive Dean of the School of Bioengineering, and two main researchers introduced the overall research situation of the college, the research of molecular evolution and genetic engineering research of plant salt tolerance genes, and the research situation in the grape wine field. Subsequently, the participants from the two sides conducted in-depth discussion on the growth of salt-tolerant plants and the improvement of grape quality through genetic editing.

After the meeting, Academician Zhu Jiankang visited the Ministry of Education and the State Key Laboratory of Bio-based Materials and Green Paper constructed by Ministry of Education and the State.


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