Italian-China Friendship Association Visits Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)


Italian-China Friendship Association Visits Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)


   On May 25th, President of the Italian Friendship Association of China, Ms. Luanna Wang, Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Antonio Brichetto, Italian sports journalist Mr. Nicholas Gineprini, The association's secretariat, and Miss Liang Yuqing visited the school. The President (Dean) Chen Jiachuan met with the guests at Room 356 the Office Building and exchanged ideas. Vice President (Deputy Dean) He Guoping presided over the forum, and the heads of the school office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Art College, and the Cultural Industry Development Center attended the forum.

     Chen Jiachuan welcomed the arrival of the Italian Friendship Association of China and introduced the basic situation of the development of Qilu University of Technology (SDAS). Chen Jiachuan said that Italy is an ancient country in Europe and a romantic country of sports. It is known as one of the world's football kingdoms and is also a world leader in art and fashion. It is hoped that both sides will strengthen exchanges and enhance cooperation in the areas of science and technology, culture, sports, art and tourism product development.

    Lu Anna Wang said that Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) has good academic characteristics and advantages, while Italy's science and technology is developed. There are huge potential and broad prospects for cooperation between the two sides. The Italian Friendship Association of China is willing to build a bridge for the friendly cooperation between Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) and relevant Italian institutions, and promote the development of substantive cooperation projects as soon as possible.

      Lu Anna Wang and Chen Jiachuan signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of both parties.

     The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on cooperation in science, technology, sports, culture and art.

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